Yamato The Drummers Of Japan

16 Sep — 17 Sep 2017

Roslyn Packer Theatre

Knock On Entertainment & Kongendo presents

YAMATO The Drummers of Japan - Chousensha - The Challengers 

Heart-thumping rhythm, thunderous sounds and explosive beats, the Yamato drummers of Japan push their limits in this staggering display of physical strength and ferocious skill. In this high-energy performance, the unmistakable sound of the traditional Taiko drum, used in Shinto rituals, is challenged by Yamato as they use their entire bodies to produce their breathtaking beats. With drums that weigh up to half a tonne, the Yamato drummers’ remarkable physical strength and trademark infectious energy leaves you feeling totally exhilarated.

Since its formation in 1993, the high-energy taiko drum troupe Yamato has made over 3500 performances in 53 countries. Having travelled the world with traditional Japanese taiko drums to share our energy to 6 million people, the latest program is titled The Challengers. Since the group’s inception, Yamato has pursu ed the possibilities of the traditional Japanese taiko drum. While paying respect to its rich history, Yamato has been bringing new life to contemporary taiko drumming.

This is a new challenge and a new step to Yamato.

★★★★ Exhilarating, feel-good... you'll want to join in THE TIMES

Running Time: 2 Hours Including Interval)

Audience Warning: This performance contains haze effects