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Mon - Tue: 9am - 7pm
Wed - Fri: 9am - 8pm
Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 3 hours prior to show (performance days only)

22 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay NSW 2000

Postal address
PO Box 777
Millers Point NSW 2000

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(02) 9250 1908
Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (for general enquiries only)

Walsh Bay Kitchen

Reservations 1300 368 801


Senior Producer Ben White
Venue Manager Kerry Ireland
Venue Coordinator Hannah Waters
Head Mechanist Steve Mason
Head Fly Operator Chris Fleming
Deputy Head Fly Operator Jason Edwards
Head Electrician Andrew Tompkins
Deputy Head Electrician Harry Clegg
Head of Sound Kevin White
House Manager Alex Plavsic
Stage Door Attendant Errol Robertson